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This is my latest creation! The three books linked in this page are all tied together in the same world (Aorix). Though there is no specific order to the books, they will all eventually come together in a final fourth installment.

Que-Gnarra : Liam begins in the forest of Sinai and branches out into the world of Aorix. Liam, the main character, is a tiger-humanoid with a warrior background and a sorcerer’s education. He must complete his training as he takes up the “Que” prefix/title so that one day he can lead his people to prosperity after earning the “Quan” prefix/title.

Falco-Nidae : Atrau is centered around Atrau, a winged man of high standing in his community (which is located half-way across the world from Liam’s forest of Sinai). In this book, Atrau will confront the limitations of his society and the confusion of his past. With little help, Atrau has to take up the challenge of being an outcast simply because of his desire to better himself, while he also figures out the how’s and why’s of his parents’ deaths.

Elemental : Yuri takes place on the plains of Aorix, where Yuri has to fight simply for the right to live after newly discovering his elemental affinity for air. With the evil King Kurn literally chasing him from his burning village, Yuri is faced with unimaginable strife and extraordinary revelation. This book is being adapted from a free-standing title almost half-finished, so that it can meld with the world of Aorix and bond with both Que-Gnarra : Liam and Falco-Nidae : Atrau in Aorix’s final installment, which is soon to come.

Will Liam be able to survive in the dangerously mysterious outerlands beyond the protective barrier of the Sinai forest? Will Atrau still have claim to his sanity after battling the stigma of who his parents were and the taboo of the life he has chosen? Will Yuri be able to survive with his brother long enough to gain the skills needed to defeat King Kurn, ruler of the plains? All these answers and more in this exciting fantasy adventure series simply titled Aorix. As always – read on my friends, read on.

Ps. There is a new character developing for another Aorix book!!! Keep checking back on this blog and let me know what you think for the 4th character before their culmination!

Que-Gnarra : Liam

Falco-Nidae : Atrau

Elemental : Yuri


Posted May 30, 2012 by Kyle Writtenword

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